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The player must shoot workers out of a cannon to collect gadgets.

Elbonian Airlines

Much like Can-O-Matic except you shoot managers and the must land on buildings.

Boss Evaders

A Space-Invaders clone where Dilbert must avoid pink slips and hit managers with paper

Project Pass-Off

Dilbert must fight a monkey while collecting items and avoiding bad collectables.

Enduring Fools

Dilbert must attack "fools" with a phaser.

CEO Simulator

Players take control of a CEO and hire and fire workers at will.

Techno Raiders

Dilbert must find all of the gadgets on each floor and keep from getting caught by co-workers

Techno Raiders
Techno Raiders

The Jargonator

The player will get a picture. The more factual text he adds the "smarter" the picture looks.

Final Word

Player collect phrases to unlock screen savers.



System Requirements

486 or 66 MHz or higher processor 8 MB RAM or higher 2X CD-ROM or faster Windows compatible sound card Microsoft compatible mouse 40 MB or more of available hard drive space Windows 95 OS or later  


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