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Disaster: Day of Crisis is an action/adventure title developed for the Wii and published by Nintendo. The game was initially slated for mid-Summer 2008 release in Japan, but was re-scheduled to ship in the fall. It was originally planned to have a North American release, only to be canceled for unknown reasons.


Raymond Bryce
Raymond Bryce

Raymond Bryce is a Former US Marine and a current member of the International Rescue Team. Along with his partner Steve Hewitt, Raymond is responsible for rescuing victims from unforeseen natural disasters. After an incident involving a sleeping volcano at Mt. Aguilas, Steven loses his life in the escape leaving Raymond to fulfill his dying wish to pass on an antique compass to his sister Lisa.

A year passes and Raymond has since than quit the IRT and is summoned by an FBI agent Olsen of the Blue Ridge City Division, in regards to a terrorist attack by a group named, "SURGE". Raymond than learns that they have kidnapped and are ransoming a seismologist, Dr. Davis and his assistant, Lisa Hewitt. SURGE than delivers a message that an all out nuclear attack will occur within 24 hours if the White House does not comply with their demands.


Raymond performing a breathing exercise to clear his lungs.
Raymond performing a breathing exercise to clear his lungs.

The player controls Ray from a third-person point of view, involving various hazards and platforming puzzles. Disaster: Day of Crisis, features several on-rail shooter sequences that involve aiming using the Wii remote to target enemies and perform a number of Quick Time Events, including various behind the wheel driving sequences. A unique element added to the game, is the importance of Raymond's health, more notably, his lungs. There are instances where the player will encounter sequences in which the protagonist can be affected by large amounts of smoke. This will cause Raymond's health to deteriorate and perform sluggish until eventually rendering him incapacitated, earning a game over.

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