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Used to visibly change the player's worldmodel to that of a different player, the Disguise Kit is the item that makes a Spy a Spy.

While disguised, the Spy can appear as a member of the enemy team with a few key differences:

  • The Spy cannot clip through enemy players when disguised, this is generally the most common way for a disguise to be blown.
  • Fire will not remove a Spy's disguise but they will still bust into flame.
  • Touching the cart or standing on a point will not move or capture it.
  • The Spy generally moves at the same speed as the class he is disguising as except for the Scout, moving noticeably slower.

The Spy is still able to receive healing from enemy Dispensers, Medics, and by touching the cart. Spies scan also be ubercharged my enemy Medics.

It is also possible for a Spy to disguise as a member of his own team. This tactic has limited use but can play mind games with the enemy, making them think that there are more heavy classes than there appear to be.

When disguising, a very distinctive team-colored cloud briefly envelops the Spy, potentially giving him away if changing disguises in the midst of the opposing team. However this can be negated by cloaking before choosing a disguise.

With the Disguise Kit equipped, the Spy has a random chance to do the Spycrab taunt, moving his hands over his head and mimicking pincers with his hands.

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