Get This For $20 (PC)

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Direct2Play has it for $20. I felt like this game flew under the radar for a lot of people, I just didn't see many people talk about it which is a shame. Great game, great price.

EDIT: Sorry looks like the keys being sold are exclusive to Russia....yeah...

#2 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5026 posts) -

Yeah remember alot of people talking about this games weeks before its launch and then XCOM: Enemies Unknown came out.

#3 Posted by emem (2051 posts) -

"Region Restrictions -VPNis required to activate, download, install and play.

VPNis also required everytime you want to PLAY unless you live in Russia"

Sounds kinda shady and as far as I know Steam doesn't allow the use of VPNs.

#4 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5008 posts) -

@emem: Whoops, I missed that. Going to update OP.

#5 Posted by Nictel (2662 posts) -

That Direct2Play sounds really shady. Like they 'bought' loads of russian cd keys and are now just selling those.

#6 Posted by TAFAE (190 posts) -

Still kinda shady, but games are generally sold a lot cheaper (I think like ~$20 US for a big new game) in Russia than they are elsewhere, so it is possible that they got these legitimately and are just reselling them outside of Russia. There was a big fiasco about this around the time that Diablo 3 came out because lots of Europeans got Russian copies since retailers were selling them very cheap without the distinction that they were Russian keys. Blizzard implemented a restriction that only allowed Russian text and voice for people who registered those keys a few days after launch and people were very upset.

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