Mirror Kicks

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#1 Posted by MAST (891 posts) -

So I'm just curious, when a mirror match hits literally toe to toe, as in, you can't get more of a perfect mirror kick, what's the outcome? Even if someone want's to say that cant happen, let's say that it can, hypothetically, you perform a kick that is so perfectly mirrored to your opponents kick that toes basically touch, what's the outcome?

I bring this up because, I swear to god, I always lose. I lose every time it's a mirror kick in every sense of the word. I've even brought friends in to watch me, and had them pay perfect attention, and 90% of the time they are like "Damn dude, you should have won that?!?"

There has to be some sort of calculation? Even if it was a roll of the dice, I would feel better, because I know I'm an unlucky bastard.

Anyone know?

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#2 Posted by villainy (794 posts) -

Divekick has double KOs and no rounds are awarded. That's what happens.

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#3 Posted by FLStyle (6205 posts) -

@mast: Sounds like you need to hit up the GB wiki page for Divekick!

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#4 Posted by mosespippy (4748 posts) -

It's double KO unless you are the Baz, in which case, you lose.

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#5 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

Yep, I've seen a lot of Double KO's happen. I imagine that's what would happen in that situation.

As for losing "mirror kicks" I really don't know. Sometimes the hitboxes can be a bit goofy; I've gone through what I've felt were sure kills (and promptly been head shotted or similarly destroyed for it) and I've also won a few contested kicks I knew for sure I was going to lose.

I guess what the short answer is; "That's Divekick, baby"

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#7 Posted by Itwongo (1721 posts) -

@mast: you asked what the outcome was. We answered. If the kick is perfect, dubble kay-oh.

If you're losing, it ain't perfect.

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#9 Posted by villainy (794 posts) -

You original question about "mirror kicks" was answered. Now I think what we're saying is that you're salty. If you think it's buggy then by all means bring it to the official forums.

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#11 Posted by ekajarmstro (437 posts) -

It might help to stop blaming the developer and try to learn how fighting games work.

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#12 Edited by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

This shouldn't degenerate into saltiness, but a majority of people in here are right; If both feet hitboxes collide at the same time, there will be a double K.O. Sometimes the game is more generous than others--considering the characters used, angle of attack, and other factors--but them's the facts. This is how 2-D fighting games work. There are goofy things you have to work around.

And if you're losing all "toe to toe" meetings, then maybe try to avoid such precarious positions in the future...

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#13 Posted by Vypereus (7 posts) -

If you're sure that you're right, record it and slow mo it and post it here.
Without proof no one will believe you.

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#14 Posted by GorillaMoPena (3228 posts) -

Little used code that it is a double KO unless you are playing.

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#16 Posted by Zaccheus (1922 posts) -

This topic is so ignorant.

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#17 Posted by Hunkulese (3548 posts) -

@mast: you might want to lay off the meth.

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#18 Posted by Fredchuckdave (9830 posts) -

Y'all ignant

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#19 Posted by Tarsier (1491 posts) -

it sounds like there is a lack of proper lag compensation in this game.

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#20 Posted by DystopiaX (5537 posts) -

@mast said:

@villainy said:

You original question about "mirror kicks" was answered. Now I think what we're saying is that you're salty. If you think it's buggy then by all means bring it to the official forums.

Yeah. What I figured. You have no answer. Double K.O isn't the solution to everything in this game. You are trying to say that the developers are infallible or something, and that's absolutely ignorant.

I'm talking about the situation where two toes touch, and it doesn't count as a double K.O. I'm sorry if you are too ignorant to follow what I'm saying. I mean, that' s a real shame to be so stupid. I can't imagine how hurtful that is. It must really suck, but it's a real thing, and it must really hurt.

The developers program in the "Double K.O" and you are trying to tell me they might not have it even a "microsecond" wrong? Yeah... Ok....

Either it's a bug, you only think the toes touched but they really didn't and he won, or it was a double K.O. it's not ignorance, it's not us thinking the developers are infallible, it's people presenting you with the only options and you being too salty to respond politely.

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