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#51 Posted by Dourin (244 posts) -

@Neonie: Normally I am 100% in agreement with you. However, currently I am unemployed, and recently picked up Ni No Kuni, with SimCity and Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm on the horizon. So basically I was looking at not playing this game at all for the foreseeable future. As I see it, giving $20 toward a key that was purchased by someone (regardless of the cost in the country) is better than the alternative, being either not purchasing it at all ever, or waiting for a steam sale to drop it to sub $15 later in the year.

Oh, and for what it's worth, the process is totally legit. Got my verification text within seconds, had it downloading on steam within a minute of purchase. Maybe do you Paypal though, just in case.

#52 Posted by daanbro (16 posts) -

Also works for the people in the Netherlands, paid with Paypal and got the key seconds after the payment in e-mail. Now DmC is downloading in Steam and I can check out if I'm as excited as Brad over this game.

Great deal! Thanks for sharing!

#53 Posted by Neonie (438 posts) -

@Dourin: Sure. I'm not saying everyone who wants to play it has the cash to lay down. I was just saying that in my eyes it is totally worth the money and that if you have the money, always support the developers making the games you like, and to that end, if a Dev does something you don't agree with then speak with your wallet and don't buy it (new Dante and no JP voices i Ayesha pop up in my head as recent examples of fans being outraged at this sort of thing).

#54 Posted by DarkFury (441 posts) -

@Colourful_Hippie: Thanks for sharing, duder.

#55 Posted by Nettacki (1332 posts) -

@Humanity said:

@Nettacki said:

@Tearhead said:

@Nettacki said:

Still not cheap enough, to be honest. Maybe $5 is ok.

Same here. Just don't have a big affinity for these types of games.

Thing is, I like these types of games. Just not the type being provided here. Or rather, the way it's executed. I mean, I like the older DMCs and think this newer one may not be worth the full price.

It's fully worth the $60 cover price. Saying it's worth MAYBE $5 is pretty ridiculous. You mean two years of development, amazing levels and a completely competent and enjoyable combat system is worth less than a Big Mac to you? Because you're hung up on differences between this and the previous titles? Get over it man and just enjoy the game. There aren't A LOT of beat 'em ups coming out these days, much less good ones. This is a good one so if you like the genre it's pretty silly to skip it because Dante isn't snarky enough or because you get an S ranking too easy.

To you, it is. To me, it takes a particularly special game for me to pay full price for it. DmC doesn't seem that special. It doesn't matter how long it's been developed, and the quality of the levels in terms of sheer playability and the fun-ness of the combat system are both subjective. In the end, if it doesn't appeal to me enough for full price, then it's not enough for full price.

#56 Posted by jakob187 (22345 posts) -

Is this site thoroughly legit? If so, I don't think I'm going to be using GMG anymore. This place is WAAAAAY cheaper on games that I still need.

However, I'm not buying anything without knowing that it's a thoroughly legit site.

#57 Posted by jakob187 (22345 posts) -

@Snail said:

This is ridiculous. The game just came out. That's like, less than 15€ for the best version of the game, as opposed to 60€ for the other ones.

Man, gotta love PC gaming.

This in a nutshell.

#58 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

Its in a gray area but as long as these sites can operate in the open for years and years, then it is tolerated and they're creating wiggle room within the exlex.

#59 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4920 posts) -

@jakob187 said:

Is this site thoroughly legit? If so, I don't think I'm going to be using GMG anymore. This place is WAAAAAY cheaper on games that I still need.

However, I'm not buying anything without knowing that it's a thoroughly legit site.

There are some shady stuff on there but for the most part, at least for the region free steam keys, they are legit. The bioshock infinite cd key thing just felt wrong on many levels.

#60 Posted by jakob187 (22345 posts) -

Picked up DmC through Direct2Play this week for $20. It's legit. Very happy about this.

Now I just have to wait until Sunday/Monday when I'm off work to actually play the damn thing. = (

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