baltimore's DmC Devil May Cry (Xbox 360) review

Hell of a good game

DMC: Devil May Cry is the 2012 reboot of the popular Playstation hack n’ slash series of the same name. Originally developed and published by Capcom, they have handed off the reigns to developer Ninja Theory.

The game was announced at Capcom’s 2010 Tokyo Game Show Press Conference. Sadly though many fans were not thrilled at the idea of a reboot. Especially considering that the protagonist, Dante, seemed to get a major redesign.

Gone was the character’s trademark white hair and sassy attitude. it was replaced with a black haired, multi-pierced, emo centric a-hole. While that may be true at the beginning of the game Dante does goes through a rather impressive development arc. By the end, it’s still the classic Dante just a more fleshed out Dante.

The story is a mix of cut scenes that take place in the real world and gameplay that takes place in limbo. This narrative juxtaposition allows Ninja Theory to pretty much do whatever they want in terms of level design and they should be commended for it. The uniqueness of each level is refreshing and they have let their imaginations run wild. The effect is a pleasure to behold.

The combat system is a little different this time around. While there is only one melee attack button (other than a dedicated gun button), the triggers of a controler act as modifiers. Hold down one trigger to attack with an Angelic weapon, Hold down the other to attack with a Demonic one. At first the controls are a little confusing but once the player gets used to the mechanic the combos come fast any heavy. And there are a LOT of combos. Multiple unlocked moves allow the player to go to town on the bad guys and dish out some serious pain. But don’t get too comfortable! If the same combo is used over and over again it will affect the score at the end of the stage. And the score dictates how many points the player gets to spend on upgrades. So fighting with variety is a MUST.

There are also multiple difficulties. The two hardest ones have to be unlocked. It is strongly suggested that one start off on the easiest if never having played a Devil May Cry game (or are still healing from Devil May Cry 3).

Overall the game is a lot of fun but there are many things that will turn players off. Swearing is prolific and the feeling that the game as a whole is just an immature power fantasy is very hard to deny. But if one can look past these issues there is one hell of a good game underneath.


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