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This game is an utter dissapointment

Gameplay: Considering how DMC3 and DMC4 the gameplay in this one rather simple, shallow and a bit annoying. First of all the stances do not work really well. It breaks the combat fluidity, and the fact that you have to change stances each time a blue or red enemy shows is quite annoying. You should be able to defeat each enemy as you want to as long as you dodge and attack at the right time. You have a variety of weapons, but most are useless so will end up using the axe. And the fact that the game is not 60 FPS makes this DMC gameplay quite horrid. Also the game is quite short.

Graphics: Nothing spectacular here, the graphics look nice, but the art design is quite bad. Character design is really dull.

Music: The is quite nice at times. But music alone can not redeem a game.

Story: It is a mess all over the place

Games are an experience so the whole package should be fun in order to enjoy it, but in this game almost all aspects are terrible That is why I give it 2 stars out of 5.

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