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Basic Information

Doc is the resident doctor of Guldove. He is apparently in to surfing and acts like a bro, which is reflected by the way he speaks. In text boxes he often throws in "like", "dude", and "gnarly". In battle he uses a shot card and his innate color is white.  


Doc is the doctor who is charged with curing Kid from Lynx's poison dart. He does his best, only to discover that he can only cure Kid with the rare Hydra Humor. Depending on the events of the game he is given the Humor by either Serge or Norris.  

How to recruit

 Doc joins the party if you decide not to get the Hydra Humor for Kid. After the ordeal is over you can find Doc in Guldove to recruit him.  


High Five - Acquired at star level 3. Doc throws a knife in the air, which splits into many knives to attack a single enemy. 
Gnarly - Acquired at star level 19. Doc rushes at a single enemy to deal a bone crushing blow. 
Heal Shower - Acquired by showing Doc the Medical Book, which is obtained from a chest in Chronopolis. Doc heals the entire party for 900 HP.

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