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Don Doko Don 2 is a side-scrolling action platformer developed and published for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Taito on January 31st, 1992 in Japan. Featuring the same dwarf characters as its predecessor, Don Doko Don 2 this time tasks the player to seek out a magic potion that will restore an unlucky groom back to his original human form after being transformed into a frog by some pesky bat.


While the sequel shares a few traits with the original game such as being able to pick up defeated enemies and throw them into others, Don Doko Don 2 ditches the single-screen format in favour of a more modern side-scrolling approach. As opposed to Don Doko Don's requirement of defeating all enemies in a level to progress, this time players need only reach the door at the end of the level to proceed. Other similarities in gameplay are the behaviour of power-ups and weapons.


Since its release, unofficial hacks of the game have become widely circulated with substituted art assets and retitled Mario 8, or, Super Bros. 8 in the style of the Super Mario series.

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