funkykonghongyo's Donkey Kong Country (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Nostalgia - a longing for the past

Donkey Kong is one of the few games that i could say nostalgia could waver my review but after going back and playing it over again i can say that it is almost as wonderful as it always was

Story- Donkey Kong has had his banana hoard stolen by  kaptain king k rool and is on an adventure with his friend Diddy Kong to fight the Kremlins and get back his bananas

Game play- This is could be said to be the greatest platformer ever i would say that title went to its sequel but nonetheless this is 2d platforming at its perfection from every little jump to every barrel blast it seems every little kink was worked out of this thing if you die you know its your fault and it never feels cheap

Difficulty- 6/10 for people not used to this type of game but a veteran 4/10
-the boss battles feel uneven some very easy others seem a little to hard
-some levels you will find short and easy but others long and tedious to get through but with all the levels this kind of design seems to even out in a good way of both hard and easy

Replay- 9/10 i can say after having the original cart since its release that i have played and beaten this game somewhere in the 30's and i still come back everyonce in a while there is plenty of things to see and find

Sound- WONDERFUL you will have these songs stuck in your head for days from the forest to the water levels they are some of the best not just for the SNES but for any game ever created

Graphics- This is where this game stuck out in the 90's for its impressive graphics none anyone has seen before and they still hold up to some extent the colors and the way you can start a level at day and by the end it turns to night is some of the little things that makes this game great

Overall- If you have never played this game you should atleast try it you owe yourself  it is ok to play it on any of the platforms it is offered on and overall one of the top ten of the SNES and shouldnt be missed



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