Amnesia Fortnight 2014

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Double Fine is back with Humble Bundle to bring us Amnesia Fortnight 2014, their sort-of-annual game jam that has yielded such games as Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade née Trenched, and the currently-in-early-access Spacebase DF-9. Players that donate to the bundle will receive access to all the prototypes from the 2012 and 2014 Amnesia Fortnights, with a minimum donation of $1 granting voting rights on which pitches you would like to see prototyped, and a donation over the average (currently $7.43) allowing players to vote on and play the prototype being headed up by guest director, Pendleton Ward. I guess he made something called Adventure Time that I always see when I take my kid to Target / Toys "R" Us.

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The pitches from Pendleton are hilarious, and there are so many interesting pitches coming from the team that I'm having a ton of trouble picking three to vote on. If you're at all interested you'd better jump on now, because the results are going to be announced on Monday leading me to believe that voting will close Sunday night. Alas there does not seem to be a pitch from Brad Muir this year, too busy working on Enormous Goblet I guess.

Pendleton Ward's Pitches

Other Pitches I'm Sharing to Try and Sway Your Opinion

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Weird, seems like the site update ate all the videos I embedded and won't let me edit the OP. Well, you can watch all the pitches on the Humble Bundle page. Then you should definitely vote for Dear Leader, Dum Sim, and Timagotchi.

Also Little Pink Best Buds.

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Dear Leader sounds awesome, ended up voting for that, Ether, and Eras of Adventure. I really hope Dear Leader is one of the pitches that is chosen though.

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Voted for:

"What could go wrong" - Because what could go wrong with a 70/80s Slasher setting?

"Gone Astray" - Because cats!

"Dear Leader" - Because Dr. Strangelove reference and the early Soviet style propaganda aesthetics

"Little Pink Best Buds" - Because... I don't know... I would prefer to be able to vote for a fourth DF game instead...


"Ether", "Grand Spirits", "Cat in a Box", "Breach" & "Mnemonic"

Honorable Mention:

"Astro Helmet" - for the awesome music in the pitch video

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mmmmmm, man I don't want to get my hopes some of these games are wonderful. Dimension jumping cats, yes please. 80s slasher films, they are reading my mind.

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Got into watching last year's videos last night, and got great laugh seeing Brad Muir, Greg Rice, and Chris Remo popping up all over the place.

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and Chris Remo popping up all over the place.

Don't have to worry about this anymore...

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