lil_cheeks's Dr. Mario (Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Dr. Mario is just what the doctor ordered

If you are into puzzle games Dr. Mario may be the prescription you need. The core mechanics are similar to those of tetris in that you have to guide falling objects, in this case pills, and align them by color to kill the viruses. The pills come one at a time in many different color combinations and must be placed on top, bottom or either sides of the virus to kill it. Since the pills come in different colors you have to align the right colored pills to the corresponding colored viruses. It must be noted that on the NES version of this game, there is nothing that differentiates the colors so if you are color blind this game is not for you.
This game can be played in either single player or 2-player split screen. If you are really good at puzzle games and need a challenge then I would suggest checking this title out. The difficulty level can be changed to support both new players and veterans of puzzle games. On the hardest difficulty I would say this is one of the hardest puzzle games to beat. Dr. Mario is a great game that can still be enjoyed years after its original release.

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