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Dragon Ball: Daimaou Fukkatsu is a NES Bandai license developed by TOSE and the second from that developer/publisher team to adapt Akira Toriyama's internationally popular Dragon Ball series as a video game, the first being Dragon Ball: Shenlong no Nazo (known in the west as Dragon Power). Specifically, this game covers the first generation of Dragon Ball, where Goku is still a child and the Saiyans have not yet entered the picture. Daimaou Fukkatsu roughly means "Demon King's Revival" and refers to Piccolo, then still the chief antagonist.


The game is a hybrid adventure/RPG, where Goku must solve various puzzles in order to proceed and also fight foes in an RPG-style combat system. The combat system uses cards to decide attacks; Daimaou Fukkatsu being one of the earliest RPGs to use this system.

Cards also factor into the overworld movement too, as Goku moves along a board game-like path and can only travel a set number of squares decided by using one of his cards. Since high-numbered cards are also integral to winning fights, the player must be cautious about moving too quickly across the world lest they run out of powerful cards for the combat.

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