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Son Goku stands off against the shapeshifting pig Oolong, as seen in the Manga & Anime
Son Goku stands off against the shapeshifting pig Oolong, as seen in the Manga & Anime
The plot of Dragon Ball: Origins follows both the Emperor Pilaf Saga and the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament Saga, as well as including various original stories. Overall, Origins covers the first 28 episodes of the animated series and 54 chapters of the manga.


Son Goku in combat.
Son Goku in combat.
Playing as Son Goku, the player navigates 3D environments based on those seen in the Manga and Anime. Mostly the game consists of environmental puzzle solving and combat. Goku can make use of various abilities such as his Nyoi-bō (Power Pole), basic martial arts techniques and the Kamehameha energy attack, both for combat and puzzle solving / navigation. Not all abilities will be available from the beginning of the game as some are learned only through the course of the story.

The game is divided into episode stages. Each stage has a goal the player must complete, which is often the defeat of a boss, to unlock the next episode stage. While the environments and enemies are based on the Manga and Anime they are expanded upon. For example, levels contain multiple enemies and are not limited only to encounters as seen in either the Manga or Anime.

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