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An average brawler that's primarily for fans of the show. 0

As I sit here late into the night, my brain formulates an interesting thought. Who hasn’t heard of Dragonball Z by now? Whether you are at home channel surfing or walking by a group of hyperactive children on the streets, the topic is bound to have come up. What is it about this phenomenon that has made it so popular? Could it be the engaging characters, deep storyline, or emotionally driven concept? Nope. Primarily because all three of these subjects are virtually nonexistent within it. No, it ...

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Not quite there yet... but close enough. 0

To be completely honest I had written a pretty awful review about this game before, but something told me to give this game a second chance and I have to admit that I was a bit wrong about this game. It is probably the fighting game with the most motion freedom in it's gameplay. During the gameplay you can move around the game stages in various ways (dive, fly, dash, etc.) The game should be able to make the characters run but I don´t know how that would work. But in essence you can move just ...

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Spike fails. 0

Dragonball Z Tenkaichi holds the record for the most number of characters in a Dragonball game! This game has a poor multiplayer option but is great with its single player options. The game includes all the characters that you would expect in a DB game, with some you wouldn’t. From the hero, Goku too the infamous Janemba. The arena's are as good as ever, well most of them. The world tournament sucks. You can now fight in the water, in the skies anywhere, in the perimeter. When you're fighting th...

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DBZ budokai tenkaichi review 1

The budokai series was an interesting series, the first game was good, the second game wasn't nearly as good despite the better graphics, but the third game was a phenomenally good game and was one of the better PS2 fighting games out...and still is... Tenkaichi is a sequel that is about as good as the original budokai, but budokai wasn't made as a sequel to a good game, which made it more acceptable. Tenkaichi replaces the traditional 3d fighter gameplay for a behind the back camera perspecti...

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