Wyy Dragon's Dogma WHY?

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#51 Posted by VDay (34 posts) -

@Brodehouse: What are you even rambling about? This game is a complete departure from traditional Japanese RPGs, which is part of the reason why so many people are excited by it. And the main menu looks exactly like Skyrim's, so I'm not sure why you decided to pick that as your "weird Japanese design decision that doesn't make any sense" thing to pick on.

#52 Posted by Brodehouse (10728 posts) -

@VDay: Was referring to the OP's issue regarding odd cut scenes for scene transitions. Haven't seen the menus for D's D, I think they'll be forced to use modern menu elements out of necessity. Couldn't get away with doing it DMC style. Big fat elements that lead to nested big fat elements, going through four pages to get to the submenu you want. I'm sure they had to argue long and hard to modernize.

#53 Posted by Winsord (1455 posts) -

Played the demo for this a couple weeks ago, not even really knowing what the game was. It actually got me really excited for the game, and I'm hoping to pick it up on Tuesday after classes. I thought the gameplay was really fun (specifically the variety in ways to deal with boss encounters) and the stuff you addressed seemed kind of nit-picky, at least to me. The character creator was also really cool, and I really liked that sizing/weight directly affects your character's stats.

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