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Dragonsreach earned its name when the ancient Nord hero Olaf One-Eye imprisoned his foe, the great dragon Numinex, within the palace.


This majestic keep is located in the Cloud District in the City of Whiterun. The entrance can be found at the top of many flights of stairs. It was constructed in the ornate wooden style of the great Nord longhouses of old. Balgruuf the Greater reigns from the top of the city. Jarl Balgruuf the greater is the jarl of Whiterun Hold. The jarl has his advisor Proventus Avenicci, he is the Steward of Whiterun Hold. He also have advisor that only give advice concerning magic, Farengar Secret-fire also sells ingredients and enchanting related goods.

There is a dungeon beneath the palace. If the Dragonborn is caught by a guard for a crime in the Whiterun Hold and do not wish to fight or pay the Dragonborn will be taken there.


The rear porch was originally meant to house a dragon, and it did. The dragon Numinex was held captive by the then Jarl Olaf One-eye. A massive yoke is held up by chains to detain the dovah. Numinex's skull adorns the area above the Jarl's throne.


People that live in Dragonsreach.

Jarl Balgruuf the GreaterJarl of Whiterun and the ruler of Whiterun Hold.Main Quest
DagnyThe daughter to the Jarl
Farengar Secret-FireCourt wizard of Whiterun Hold.Spells, ApparalSide-Quest, Misc
FianaA Breton maid.
FrotharYoungest son of Balgruuf the greater.
GerdaA Nord maid
Hjornskar Head-Smasher *A Nord Stormcloak Captain
HrongarBalgruufs younger brother
IrilethPersonal housecarl to Balgruuf the Greater
LydiaHousecarl to the DragonbornAvailable
NelkirSon of Balgruuf the GreaterSide-Quest
Proventus AvenicciSteward of WhiterunMisc

*, Only appear if the Civil war turns into Stormcloaks favor.

Crafting stations

  • Alchemy Lab
  • Cooking pot
  • Enchanting station


  • Outside in the pools lives salmon, also a skeleton from a drowned unknown person.

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