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Rynn and Arokh return from their adventures in the Order of the Flame to do battle against all sorts of evil. You play as Rynn and and begin your adventure by returning to your home village only to find it destroyed and burning. While you bury the corpses of the ones you knew, your dragon friend Arokh shows up to inform you of the dangers in Surdana. When you arrive in Surdana you meet with Lady Myschala who explains an evil race known as the Desert Lords.
Rynn & Arokh
The desert lords are three-faced creatures whose goal is to enslave the human race by rallying all sorts of different creatures and monsters. Arokh and Rynn set out to open 4 gateways across the land. The gateways act as a portal to the location of the Dragon Mother Mala-Shae. Her and her dragon brood have been stuck inside this portal all the way back to the Dark Wars. Arokh, which is an Elder Breed dragon, is the only one of his kind left that can open the gateways and rescue the dragon mother so humans can bond with the dragons, such as they did before the Dark Wars, and defeat the evil Desert Lords.

You will travel across a variety of different lands and gameplay areas which all account to the main plot as well as host a number of side quests to further the experience. The ending of the story has left many followers of the series in a bad mood. The plot ends in a way that signifies or lures people into believing another Drakan game is in the works. However no official news, or announcements of any kind have come up.


Drakan plays like a normal adventure RPG should. You can either do battle on foot as Rynn, or you could take to the sky and fight foes as Arokh (note Rynn still rides Arokh most of the time). There are a host of different weapons to choose from as well as magic attacks. There is so much variation as to how the player can inflict damage that the gameplay stays fresh and nice and you rarely find a moment of repetitiveness. Many side quest either grant you new weapons or magic spells. You'll encounter many different races across the game including a giant chicken. The 15-20 hour length should keep you busy for sometime to come as well.

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