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The Drake is possibly the most popular Battlecruiser, and certainly one of the most popular Ships in EVE Online, as well as for new or old Players, PVP or PVE interests. Its passive shield tank is a tough nut to crack and the 7 Launcher Hardpoinrts ensure a moderate DPS output, while keeping the Ship comparatively cheap. It outclasses its little brother, the Ferox, in almost every aspect.


 The Drake

Official Description:

Of the meticulous craftsmanship the Caldari are renowned for, the Drake was born. It was found beneath such a ship to rely on anything other than the time-honored combat tradition of missile fire, while the inclusion of sufficient CPU capabilities for decent electronic warfare goes without saying. 


CPU 525 tf
Powergrid 850 MW
Calibration 400 Points
Low Slots
Medium Slots
High Slots
7 (Launcher)
Rg Slots
Rig Size

Drone Capacity
25 m³
Drone Bandwith
25 Mbit/sec

Structure HP
3906 HP
Cargo Capacity
345 m³
14.010.000 kg
252.000,0 m³
Inertia Modifier

Armor HP
3906 HP
EM Resistance
50 %
Explosive Resistance
10 %
Kinetic Resistance
25 %
Thermal Resistance
40 %

Shield HP
5469 HP
Shield Recharge Time
1.400,00 s
EM Reistance
0 %
Explosive Resistance
50 %
Kinetic Resistance
40 %
Thermal Resistance
20 %

Capacitor Capacity
2812 GJ
Capacitor Recharge Time
750,00 s

Targeting Range
60.000 m
Max. Locked Targets
Scan Resolution
195 mm
Sensor Strength
19 (Gravimetric)
Signature Radius
285 m

Max. Velocity
140 m/sec
Warp Speed
3,75 AU/sec


  • Battlecruiser Skill Bonus: 5% shield resistance and 5% bonus kinetic damage of heavy missiles and heavy assault missiles
     The Drakes' slot layout
  • 99% reduction in the CPU need of Warfare Link modules.

Required Skills:

  • Spaceship Command I
  • Caldari Frigate IV
  • Spaceship Command III
  • Caldari Cruiser III 
  • Spaceship Command IV
  • Battlecruisers II

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