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Dreamforge Intertainment, Inc. was founded by Christopher Straka, Thomas Holmes, and James Namestka. Originally, started out in an apartment in Greensburg, PA then moved to the next town over in Jeanette, PA and eventually moved it's final location back in Greensburg. It closed it's doors on September, 10 2001 after failing to secure a publisher after being dumped from Ubisoft.  However before closing the company was working on 2 large games, the first being Myst IV; which would've been the first Myst in full 3d.  Years later Myst IV came out and still carried over some of the puzzle designs from Dreamfroge's Original Game Design.  The other game they were working on was a game called Kehl: Fury Unbound; which was Dreamforge's first attempt at a console game and was planned  as an Xbox-exclusive. Kehl was a very different game than they were known for releaseing but actually not completely out of character for them.  Before Kehl and Myst IV the company was working on a PC version of the tabletop game Werewolf: The Apocolypse which was to be published by ASC Games, but unfortunately the game was canceled after several years of development and never made it to shelves.  Much like Kehl, Werewolf was a action game, however it could be played in 3rd or 1st person and followed the game rules of the table top game.

Originally Dreamforge was founded as Event Horizon, however an early Porn Site snatched up the url and to avoid consumer confusion the company was re-branded as Dreamforge Intertainment, Inc.

The "Intertainment" part of the name is meant convey the idea of Interactive-Entertainment.

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