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Play the drums on your Xbox with Drum XPlosion. Select from several predefined drum kits (acoustic, electronic, etc.) or mix and match from over 60 different drum sounds to make new kits. Each drum sound can be modified by manipulating pitch, volume, and reverb. User modifications can be saved off as new user created drum kits. Drum XPlosion features dynamic visuals that respond to your drum hits. You can also sit back and enjoy some " psychedelic" background art that constantly changes while you play. Pop up the guide, play music from your music library, and now you have some cool ambient visuals running in the background as you play the drums to your favorite tunes. The button assignments can be remapped to your liking so that you can accommodate a variety of controllers. Drum XPlosion will let you hit up to 10 different drum instruments. If you have access to 2 drum controllers, you essentially have a complete drum kit simulator. Extra pedals can be set up to function as a 2nd kick drum or to control the hi-hat. Newer drum kit controllers are velocity sensitive.

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