Demo Impression thread

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I am down loading the demo now. Post  your impressions here duders.  
Its 1.53 gigs

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Finished it. It's not bad, not... too great, but I definitely had fun with it. 
Graphics: Overly shiny graphics confirmed, probably because they are using some Riddick-era tech under the hood (no light diffuse scattering shader, or something along those lines. My CS knowledge is hazy by now). Overall it looks late last-gen/early current-gen.  Just like the trailers.
Gameplay: Gameplay-wise it's this bizarre mix of old school weapons variety shootouts+button prompts and modern iron-sights shooting gameplay. Plus some requisite vehicle driving and some "puzzle solving." Nothing is aggressively bad, but do we really need iron sights in this game?  
Shotgun is beast.
Humor/misc: Undeniably Duke through the opening credits. The game's funny when it wants to be, but during combat the game is pretty quiet. Duke doesn't quip much during the action. There's a lot of random interactive elements interspersed through the levels. 
Overall: Feels most like an early current-gen shooter (as in FEAR/Riddick period). Doesn't feel especially old school like Doom or the original DN3D. Mostly likely that's when the game was due (and built), before it got delayed for whatever reason.  Didn't blow my mind, but it's only a demo and it's definitely Duke. At this point, who's not going to play it anyway, right?

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This shit wont break 75% on averages...

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same i'm only like 4% downloaded on Steam.
Ok i just played it and finished it.   It is fun in that old school shooter kind of way.  It's not really graphically impressive, but it runs like a dream on my computer on max settings( up to 120fps at some points) so it doesn't seem like there's any bad optimization there like most games that are ported to multiple platforms.  This game probably would have been amazing 5 years ago but yah know the story of ol duke nukem forever and it's production history.    This game has heart, and it shows.

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@KaosAngel said:
This shit wont break 75% on averages...
I'm putting down 20 Brad bucks that it will. 
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Um, should I bother downloading this?

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Should I still bet on Duke? 

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Whatever its shortcomings, it's still a fun game, at least from the bit I've seen. Blasting pigs with shotguns feels great.

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Not done yet, but I will say the loading times are really bad in the 360 demo.

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He who gives up on Duke gives up on life.
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@ImmortalSaiyan said:
@Kyreo: He who gives up on Duke gives up on life.
This demo is pretty disappointing and short, and disappointing.  And the loading screens are ridiculous.
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I really wanted to like this demo. But ridiculous load times + tons of jank = disappointment.

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@ChristianCastillo, @PrivateIronTFU: What version were you playing?  
I was playing it on PC. Loading is pretty much instant. Longest load time was maybe 5 seconds. The demo is short, no doubt, but I enjoyed it.  Has anyone tried the PS3 version?
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@McBonJon: I was playing on the 360 version. 
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Just finished it.  Nothing really special.  I have a feeling the final game is going to be super linear.

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I'm thinking it'll get a 3/5 from Jeff or Brad. I thought it was funny though. And where there is comedy, Jeff might bump it up to a 4/5 even if it doesn't play all that great.

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Downloading now. This should determine if I am ready to throw down 60 bucks on more duke. I think the answer will be yes.

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It doesn't run on my computer. Just black screen after opening credits. Disabled SLI, changed settings, and changed resolution so my experience of the game is pretty bad so far.

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After having played it, i feel alright with it. To be honest i'm just kinda glad that it's actually coming out.... I kinda just want it to be over. I've been waiting since 1998. 
Atleast i get a bust of duke nukem for my shelf.

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You're a crazy person if you think funny will get the game all the way to a 4 with mediocre gameplay.
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Can´t. Fucking. Wait 

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Played on PS3. Long ass load times but it was whatI expected. One liners and the game feels and looks like it was for the PS2 and XBOX. Probably going to get it when it goes on sale or in the bargain bin. I just want this to be over because I want to see a real Duke Nukem game from Gearbox because I know they can do a better job than 3D Realms.
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Where are you getting this demo!?  Can't find it on Steam.. 
Never mind got it now I did have a early access code, downloading now!

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Janky but fun.  That crappy stadium fight makes me not want to replay the demo though.

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@DonPixel said:
Where are you getting this demo!?  Can't find it on Steam..
You only get to play it if you preordered the Duke.
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@DonPixel: First access club....if you preorder duke nukem or buy borderlands GOTY theres a code for the first access club.
Finally got it running properly(if anyone has custom nvidia control panel settings reset them and it will work) and its ok. But i have the same problem i have with Half life 2 in that it makes me nauseous(motion blur is off and vsync is on). Something about the movement in this game and half life 2 makes me nauseous.
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It was alright. I feel like compared to videos we have seen they picked a really weak part of the game, the canyon section specifically, to show as a demo. I am hoping the full game will be better. I am not to sure if I will get this on the release day. 

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I finished the demo twice already, and I actually enjoyed it a hell of a lot more on my second run through, after having gotten over the initial feeling of time warp. Successful use of a railgun requires a certain mindset, you know…

Kids who aren't old enough to remember B.J. Blazkowicz are probably not going to appreciate Duke Nukem Forever, but I'm still very much on board.

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I enjoyed my time with it, but I'm not really any more excited for the game. 

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About what I expected.   Nothing much to write home about but Its Duke.    I'm still very much in to buy the game I just feel weird about the slice of gameplay the gave to us.  But I suppose best not give your best bits away for free right? 
Hopefully the PC community comes up with some fun mods for this game.   A full nudity patch is almost certain.  LOL.

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@Demoskinos Is the full game going to censored?
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@The_Grindilow said:
@DonPixel said:
Where are you getting this demo!?  Can't find it on Steam..
You only get to play it if you preordered the Duke.
Or bought Borderlands GOTY.
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Does anyone have a spare ps3 code ,I have a 360 code to trade? :V

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@RE_Player92: No, it has nudity but only topless.  You can see as much in a few of the latest trailers that there is full on boobage.  They are still wearing thongs though.   
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@JJOR64: Which with the steam sale at $7.50 a few weeks back for the GOTY edition  you would have been insane to pass that up!    Assuming you use steam that is.   
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I had a blast with it. Bought for sure.

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It feels old just the way it plays and especially the way it looks.  That being said the guns are fun and the game generally feels like a good action romp.  Don't think it's a day one purchase going to wait and see for this one.

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The game is on the lower end of mediocre BUT

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Its got its flaws but I enjoyed it and hey its duke,gotta love nukem

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funny how he can't see WITHOUT his sunglasses

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I played 30 mins already.. I think I'm going to pass... perhaps I get it later on a sale or something, for the sake of collecting it.. 
But man.. that game is BAD, If it were other than Duke Nukem that game would get rape on reviews. 

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Just a quick aside -- if I pre-order the game and get the demo code, I should still be able to cancel my pre-order afterwards right?

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My mindset during the demo: 

  • 1st Min: Damn this load screen is taking a long time, but that, "If you get stuck, you can always cheat and read FAQs online." line was clever. 
  •  2nd min: Urine. This is Duke. You can interact with a lot of stuff! Even pooh. Oh Duke, ^_^ 
  •  5th min: Oh that underpants gnome joke. I see the devs have heard of the internet. That's just... swell  
  •  6th min: Wow a fully interactive White-Board! This would probably work better with a mouse and keyboard. Bit janky otherwise. 
  •  10th min: Oh I get it, it's that boss fight from Duke 3D. And I'm firing a devastator! Oh Duke. ^_^ 
  •  11th min: Shit, that's not it is it? 
  •  13th min: Man them load screens are brutal. 
  •  13.5th min: Is there no anti-aliasing or whatever it's called? Cause these jaggies are hruting my eyes...  
  • 14th min: Ohhh I'm in an monster truck! Running over dudes looks weird. It seems to make them explode into bits? ...Oh wait I'm out of gas. 
  • 15th min: Where'd my rail-gun go?! Shit, I died. So you can only carry two weapons? Hmmm...  
  • 17th min: Oh it's not too bad it's one of those, "You can only carry two guns, but don't worry. The relevant guns are always convieniently leaning against the nearest rock when you need them." type of deals. 
  • 18th min: Shit, I died again! Are the controls a little off, or am I just bad at this game? 
  • 20th min: Okay, I'm dead again. I'm going to say it's mostly me... But I counted and there's a 30 second load time before you respawn at the checkpoint... Why?  
  • 22nd min: This game looks... bad, like really dated and bad. If there's no AA, why does it still dip in framerate?
  • 24th min: Man I need that scoped railgun back to pick off that pig on the machine-gun over there... 
  • 24th min and 4 seconds: Oh here's one, leaning against a rock. 
  • 26th min: Crate of unlimited ammo. Time to go ape! OH! and a RPG. Come get some. 
  • 27th min: Duke said "Come Get Some!" after I blew up that pig. I was just thinking that. Oh Duke. ^_^ 
  • 29th min: There's more enemies than pigs right?... 
  • 31st min: Blowing up that spaceship looked really terrible...  
  • 32nd min: A crowbar would indeed be useful about now Duke. Fuck it, I'm shoot a rocket at it. 
  • 33rd min: The game just blatantly told me that duke can push "Wheeled Physics Objects" around the world... Was this part of the game made in a time before physics were just accepted to be a part of a game? 
  • 35th min: Oh a mine-cart ride. A bit cliche maybe... But hey they were fun in Bubsy. And shit I hate this little bug things. The controls don't feel tight enough to kill 'em properly. I wish there was a Duke-Kick type button, melee seems to do nothing!  
  • 36th min: Got the gas for my Monster Truck.
  • 37th min: Duke makes one "Ungh!" sound when he jumps and he says it... Every time! Wow... I hope this game doesn't have platform sequences... 
  • 38th min:  Another mine-cart ride! I ran over that pig/the cart exploded him into bits. Oh Duke ^_^ 
  • 39th min:  Wow a first person animation of filling up the monster truck with gas. They're committed to the first person perspective at least. 
  • 40th min: Now that's over... I don't think I really had fun. It felt too dated and janky to possibly be fun for 12 hours... Unless this game has something awesome under its belt... 2 Stars? Maybe Duke should've stayed unfinished... 
  • 41st min: I think I will share my sad disappointment with people online in the most convoluted way possible. They'll appreciate that... I know they will...
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Haha, Thank you BiohazardBlaze.
So, is there a risk I have to lose my bet of catching a fart in a jar, store it for a few days and then smell it with my entire nose in the wierd case that I might enjoy this?

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@BiohazardBlaze: i feel you duder..  exactly my conclusions. I wasn't really expecting much, but god it is bad.   
Would be nice to have the PC boxed version once cheap.. as piece of gaming history. 
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I think I may have enjoyed it more, just having played almost every FPS to come out recently.. In the demo I never got the feeling of oh eff this is just another FPS, which to be honest.... is GREAT, I think it's all about mindset, I really really enjoyed the demo, but hey, what do I know right? ;P <3

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Where can I download this on pc? or is it only for ppl with subscriptions to certain places and preorders?

#48 Posted by Kornkaos (61 posts) -
@HitmanAgent47: I think it was a kind of everwhere pre order, maybe not but definitely from Gamestop, they should have given you a little card with a code on it, you have to go to and put your code in there as well as your e-mail and then you should be able to get in, also if you paid for Borderlands on the PC or the GOTY edition on consoles, if you have Borderlands on PC click on CD-Key and it should say duke nukem forever first access club ^^ <3
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@HitmanAgent47: if you own borderlands on steam, it should be under your CD keys. the code on there is redeemed on the duke nukem site. after redeeming that code, the website will give you your steam authentication key for the demo.
#50 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -
@Kornkaos: @defaulttag: I skipped every opportunity to buy borderlands on purpose, I guess I can't get this demo for now. I also was smart enough to not preorder the game either, but I guess i'll have to wait.

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