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Mixing old and new has never been so good 0

*This review is in my old review format, I no longer review games like this.Duke Nukem Manhattan Project just may be one of the best PC games of all time. Its simple, but at the same time extremely fun to play. So let me now explain to you why this is a must have for any PC gamer. So lets get started first with the graphics since this is the only weak point of the game. DNMP (Duke Nukem Manhattan Project) came out in 2002 shows it acceptable for it to look a little lacking when compared to curre...

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Duke returns to his roots for more fun and mayhem 0

3D Realms just recently re-released Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project on Xbox Live Arcade. The game was originally released on the PC back in 2002 and was one of the last original Duke games released. 3D Realms and Sunstorm Interactive teamed up and took the adult version of Duke Nukem and took him back to his roots at a time when side scrolling games were being considered old, stale and a thing of the past. You have 3D modeled environments mixed with the 2D side scrolling action of the original DOS...

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Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Duke Nukem Manhattan Project 0

(This review originally appear in my local towns paper written by me, I only have a 400 word limit per column hence the short word count but I probably couldn't write much more about it without being boring.)  Duke Nukem Manhattan Project XBLA/PCTaking Duke Nukem back to his roots as a platform-shooter might of not been the best idea, even way back when it was released in 2002 for the PC. While keeping the traditional Duke themes of funny weapons, quips and enjoyable equipment such as Jetpa...

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Consistent, yet monotonous 0

This is one of those games that I totally missed, and havent thought about playing till recent. Its fun for the first hour or two, due to its relatively tight controls, smooth engine, great one liners, and some fun guns to play around with. The main problem is, that the game really doesnt add much new to the game over its short duration besides some new weapons. Everything else is the same, whether it be the enemies, the bosses, or the obscure locations, it cant help but feel sort of empty and b...

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Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Review 0

By - Craig H.Remember when Duke Nukem was one of the top shooters in the industry? When good ol’ Duke was in his prime? I do and unfortunately Duke is not looking good in 2010. Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is not much more than a port of the 2002 PC release.The game was made in 2002 and looks that way. The character models are jagged and poorly animated. The background looks like a bad photo with the decently modeled buildings placed in front to give the appearance of depth. Even the breasts on ...

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Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project 0

Thirty years. That's how long it's been since the release of Defender in 1980. That's how long side-scrollers have been a staple of the videogame industry.  In those thirty years we've seen more side-scrolling games than we can count, many of which have become some of our most beloved video games of all time. From Mario to Megaman to Metroid, Castlevania to Sonic, side-scrollers have seen more iterations than almost any other genre. Even now in the age of 3D, the two-dimensional gameplay of sid...

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