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The story of Dyne in Final Fantasy VII is one of misfortune. When the Midgar-based company ShinRa approached the small mining village of Corel to build a Mako Reactor, Dyne quickly opposed the thought of it. However, the other village leaders and miners wanted to have the Mako Reactor built as it was "the future" and believed it would greatly benefit the town. The Mako Reactor would have been able to supply the town with all of its electrical needs. One of these people who convinced Dyne into allowing ShinRa to build a Mako Reactor was his best friend, Barrett Wallace whom Dyne had grown up with. Despite Dyne's unwillingness and objections, plans to build the Mako Reactor continued.

Old Corel
However, there was later an explosion at the Mako Reactor and it was destroyed, leaving nothing for ShinRa to benefit from. Having no use for the town anymore, ShinRa burned Corel to the ground. Dyne's wife Eleanor was killed and it was presumed that his daughter, Marlene, was killed as well. When Barrett and Dyne discover the burning remnants of Corel, they encounter Scarlet, an executive from ShinRa Inc., and her troops. Attempting to escape, Dyne trips and falls off the side of a cliff, but Barrett manages to save him by catching his arm. Scarlet orders her troops to fire again, where the shots land directly onto Barrett's and Dyne's hands, causing Dyne to fall into the deep crevice and destroying Barrett's right hand and Dyne's left hand, respectively, in the process.

Corel Burning
Assuming Dyne fell to his death, Barrett later adopts Marlene, whom he found in her dying mother's arms, Eleanor. Blaming himself for allowing ShinRa to build a Mako Reactor by the village and the deaths for countless Corel citizens, Barrett vows revenge against ShinRa by starting a radical group, AVALANCHE. Both Dyne and Barrett replace their hands with machine guns which later causes confusion after the Gold Saucer massacre incident, where apparently a "man with a machine gun for an arm" killed everyone in the Battle Arena at the Gold Saucer. It is later found out that the culprit of the killings was none other than Dyne, who had gone out on a killing-spree seeing that his life had no meaning. Unaware of Dyne's existence, the authority of Gold Saucer, Dio, accuses Barrett of killing all of the innocent people. The party is consequently thrown into the Desert Prison without any sort of trial.

Barrett confronts Dyne
While in Corel Prison, the party is told by a 'Mr. Coates' that they would need permission from the Boss in order to get out of the prison, 'the Boss' being Dyne. Barrett confronts Dyne who tells Barrett that he must destroy everything to ease his pain. Clearly in grief, even after all of these years, Dyne is still mourning over his family's death. Dyne demands a fight from Barrett, whom eventually defeats him. After his defeat Dyne is told by Barrett that his daughter Marlene is still alive. Distraught by the fact that he has killed because he thought his entire family was dead, Dyne claims that his hands have been too bloodied to ever hold Marlene in his arms again. His final action gave permission to Cloud and his party to leave the prison by giving Barrett his pendant. Dyne then commits suicide by falling off of a cliff.

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