Best conference of E3 2012

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I apologize if this has been made already (as it seems to be a pretty obvious poll to make), but I've been searching everywhere and I can't find one so I decided to make one to see the overall opinion.

Perhaps "most enjoyable conference" is a much better way to put this but that's long, so I just settled for "better".

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Someone already made this poll so I'd expect this to get locked down.

But the only right answer is Ubisoft.

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Nintendo because I had the most fun watching it. 
Usually I vote for gameplay and games, but since both Ubi and EA conferences were meh on games, I'll go for the entertainment factor 
Edit: I'd also like to add that Fuck Microsoft :)

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I've only really seen Ubisoft's and Sony's, but from everything I've read, I'd most likely have preferred Ubi's out of all of them because of what they showed. The hosts were unbearable for me, but the content easily redeemed that.

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Ubisoft followed by Nintendo followed by Sony followed by everyone else followed by Microsoft.

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Sony was the best of a bad bunch. While Ubisoft had some cool games the presenters and there clearly scripted back and forth made it almost unwatchable.

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Ubi by far, but they were all pretty underwhelming. that's the end of the cycle for ya.

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Locking duplicate topic.


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