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I liked it

I like it. Really, I did. Although the game may be short, and the achievements are a joke to get, the gameplay itself really wasn't too bad. I beat it in 6 hours. Its short, but the game overall was fun. The graphics are fine, the gameplay is fine, the physics are fine, the humor was a little stupid, but still, fine. The boss battles aren't the type where you sit there for 10 hours ripping out your hair, kicking and punching the air, and screaming at your game because you keep dying. Only one boss had that for me, and I figured out the way to beat it after the 7th try. 30 minutes was the amount of time it took me on the boss of level 5, where you are on the yacht fighting the kraken/tentacle thing.  I got this game thinking I would only play to get achievements, I did that, but I still liked it and played it after I got the gamerscore.
So overall, I would give the game a 5/5.


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