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Einstein title screen - Apparently it's Anne's birthday... Happy Birthday Anne!


Einstein is a freeware puzzle game where the goal is to identify the placement of every symbol based on the given set of clues. A wrong guess will end the game, so players must be sure to take care when committing a symbol's placement to the board.

On the title screen the words "Happy Birthday, Anne!!!" appear in the lower left corner. This odd greeting has nothing to do with the game play and appears to be something the developers left in despite the fact that Anne was not the only person to download and play the game.

This puzzle game is easily installed with the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

The puzzle board on the top left is revealed by vertical (bottom) and horizontal (top right) clues.


In Einstein, the player must use both vertical and horizontal clues to reveal the position of each of the six rows of symbols. Each row contains exactly six symbols in a set, such as numerals, letters, Roman numerals, dice faces, shapes and mathematical symbols. Each clue is positional, meaning they tell you where one symbol stands in relation to another symbol in one of four distinct manners. First, there are vertical clues. These clues indicate that two symbols are in the same vertical column. Secondly, there are clues that indicate that one symbol is to the right of another symbol. Thirdly, some clues indicate that one symbol is between two others, but it does not indicate whether the surrounding symbols are to the left or right or how many spaces lie between the surrounding symbols. Finally, there are clues that indicate that one symbol is next to another symbol, but this does not indicate whether the symbol is to the left or right of the other.

By left clicking on one of the six symbols in each block, a player can 'place' that symbol in that position. A wrong selection will end the game, though, so watch out! By right clicking on a symbol within a block, the player can eliminate symbols from that position, thus narrowing down the options for a particular position.

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