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At the age of 14, living in an oppressive quarantine zone, Ellie is a female, teenage orphan who is "wise beyond her years" and has no recollection of how the world was like before the collapse of modern society. Before the beginning of the game, Ellie snuck into a local mall with her friend, Riley. While at the mall both she and Riley became infected, which led to Riley dying of infection. Although Ellie was also infected, she did not die due to some immunity her body has toward the infection. This immunity is the reason Marlene, leader of the fire flies sought her out. Marlene hired Joel and Tess to escort Ellie to the fireflies base in the Boston town hall. On the way there Tess gets infected which results in her unfortunate death. Before Tess died she made Joel promise her that he would take Ellie to the firefly's research base so that they could find a cure. Joel and Ellie traveled to the Boston town hall to find all the fireflies slaughtered by what's left of the government. Joel and Ellie escape the government and travel on foot to Bill's town, where they assisted Bill in finding a usable car. Joel and Ellie begin driving the car to go to Joel's brother, Tommy who is an ex-firefly. On their way to find Tommy, they are ambushed by a couple of hunters in what was Pittsburgh, PA.

In addition, because of her lack of knowledge pertaining to pre-apocalyptic culture, Ellie also enjoys collecting and observing items or structures that were once prominent in the past (e.g. books, brands, music, etc.). This, however, is probably the closest she will get to re-living the era in which humanity was at their prime. She also enjoys telling jokes from her joke book to lighten up the mood.


  • Ellie enjoys reading in her free time when she is not running away from infected or surviving in the wasteland
  • Had a scrapbook full of garden gnomes when she was in the Boston Quarantine Zone.
  • Thinks fairies are creepy.
  • Had a friend teach her about to play "The Turning" arcade game.
  • Hates Cliffhangers
  • Thinks that Scorpions are creepy
  • Her favorite animal is a dinosaur even though of course she has never seen one
  • Is truly scared of ending up alone
  • Believes Joel lived in a weird time period
  • When she and Joel first entered Bill's Town she didn't know how to whistle but fast forward to when they arrive to Pittsburgh, she finally is able to whistle. The song Ellie is supposedly whistling the first time she is able to whistle is the theme to Uncharted.
  • Does not know how to swim
  • The first time she ever sees a real life monkey is the when she and Joel enter the university
  • During the Winter section of the game, the player can access Ellie's backpack and under the "Collectibles" section, a note can be found written by Ellie's mother Anna. The note was supposedly written the hours after Ellie birth and before Anna finally passed away. After reading both sides of the letter for the first time, you can hear Ellie say " I'm trying to make you proud."
  • Is gay

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