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Can't keep a Good Game down! 0

Empire: Total War is a great game hidden under a pile of gamebreaking bugs, AI issues, and sketchy pathfinding. If you're able to dig through all of that however, you'll find an exceptional grand strategy game waiting for you on the other side.Adding a little gunpowder makes anything more exciting!Empire brings the Total War series headfirst into the 18th century of muskets and canons. The overhead campaign map also introduces 18th century Europe, the "New World" of North America, and Africa. Ba...

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Some Good Some Bad 0

Lets get this out of the way first, I love Total War so I'm probably a little biased but so what. The last game in the series Mediviel II was insane. You could manage taxes for cities, instrument economic brake downs of nations, of just plow the fuck over them. This leavel of complexity certinly turned most of to the games. Which is understandable considering big battles could last up to three hours. But for Rts wierdos like my self  who wish to run every aspect of a nation down to the smallest ...

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The game's kind of big. 1

BUYER BEWARE: The first thing you need to know is that Empire: Total War is suffering from a ton of bugs and technical problems. CTDs, lock ups and in general, the game isn’t working for a lot of people. I’ve yet to run into a single significant issue, so results will vary. This review is based off of the update. For 10 years now, Creative Assembly has been churning out Total War games, with each installment boggling the mind with its sheer scope. For 10 years now, the AI, notorious for being e...

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The new standard for strategy games 0

 Whilst Empire: Total War is quite a re-shuffle of the tried and tested formula that's made the Total War franchise so well loved, all the important game elements are still there to make this the best war strategy game you've ever played.   For Total War veterans, you may be a bit disorientated initia  lly by the re-organisation of the campaign map and the introduction of 'regions'. Stick with it however, as this only serves to help keep on top of all the action when you're in to the depths of t...

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Empire: Total War - A game of World Domination... 0

... or as I like to call it, a Game of World Domination at the hands of braindead idiots, but more on that later.Empire: Total war is the 5th installment in the Total War series of games. It is a mix between RTS and Turn Based Grand Strategy in which you lead one of several nations to victory, usually by conquering Earth.The whole shtick behind the Total War games is that whenever you get into a battle, the game allows you to zoom down from your campaign map to view your troops (who are still th...

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