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Yes Enslaved is a great game, but not only does the game suck you into its story but visually the game is amazing. Well after you get passed the texture popping in from the out dated Unreal engine! But minus that minor set back, and sometimes on larger scale boss fights the camera seems looks lose you in the fight allowing the AI to get you . The games has a very good voice acting! The facial expressions seem so real, I haven't seen a game do this since Uncharted 2 days! A lot of people say this will be a rental for them, I tell them they are crazy! Yeah, so there is no multilayer, but this game will never need it. Collecting ORBs for hours on end will surly let you get your 60 dollar value out of it. And the fact all your upgrades will carry over to the HARD level make the replay-ability a very easy thing to accept!


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     Enslaved is probably the first real surprise of Fall for me, I had played the demo and had a mixed reaction to it. The graphics were well rendered and colourful, the world seemed intriguing but there were a myriad of camera issues and control problems to spoil much of the fun. Still I decided to rent the full game and give it a shot.   The camera and control problems are very much present in the full game but they seem to be less of an issue once the game gets rolling. The camera has a habit of...

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