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Talysra's Paw

Erud's Crossing lies between the continents of Odus and Antonica. This region is named in reference to when Erud led his people from Qeynos to build their own city on the western continent. Two boats make trips back and forth between the cities every day. When taking the trip from Qeynos to Erudin, the boat will make a short stop on Talysra's Paw. This small island is home to a tribe of Kerran people, known as the Laahr, who are friendly to most adventurers. They have named the island in honor of their new god. Their belief in Talysra was what caused them to leave Kerra Isle in Odus to start their own society. The island does offer experience for small groups as the inverted, dormant volcano has many will-o-wisps, bats, and other creatures crawling about it. Off the western shores of the island is a sunken ship of unknown origins, which is guarded by a group of zombie sailors. Scattered around the island are large, mysterious stone blocks featuring faces on each side. No one knows where they came from, but obviously tend to make many believe an ancient civilization once inhabited the island. If visiting the island, it is smartest to wait for a boat in order to leave, for it is a long swim to either continent and the waters are infested with many sharks.

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