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Eternal Sonata Review....

Eternal Sonata is a typical JRPG with gorgeous cel-shaded graphics, and a unique combat system. First of all... If you don't like JRPGs stop reading this review, because this game will do nothing to change your mind. On the other hand if you do like them you might find quite a few things to like in this game. Let me break it down for you....

The Graphics are gorgeous.

Graphics: The graphics are beautifully done in this game the Art design they choose gives the game an undeniable charm and that really draws you into the game. The graphics make everything you do and everywhere you go just look amazing. The great thing is that there are no texture pop in or screen tearing to be seen. Something that seems to be becoming a standard for today's games. Now the one of the problems is the great graphics are one of its biggest downfalls because you cant control the camera which means you cant really look around. Which you will want to. and the new armor and weapons that you obtain never change the look of your characters at all. Its annoying because you notice these thing due to how great the graphics are.

Sound: The game itself is based around the famous composer Frederic Chopin's final dream before he dies. So you can expect there to be an amazing musical score which there is. The game is really kinda based around the music. In between chapters it actually gives you a breakdown of Chopin's life and some of the meanings behind his songs not only that, but you can actually find music scores and play them with people you encounter on your adventures. So needless to say the music is fantastic.

The Combat is fun and Innovative.

Gameplay: Now this is where the game kinda slows down. As this game is an rpg I feel it necessary to dock points due to the fact that the story is not very good. Without giving to much away towards the end the story just spirals out of control leaving you to wonder what in the world just happened, and it really ends making no sense at all making you think maybe something was lost in the translation. Although one saving grace of the story is charming characters, but thats it. Not only is the story terrible, but the game is so linear its sad. You have one path to follow the entire game with a few treasure chest hidden along the way. If you even try exploring expect quite a few invisible walls. Now as far the combat goes it is actually done pretty well. Its action turn based I guess you would call it. Each characters gets their turn and their turn they have a few seconds to attack, use their special, or use an item. and when its the opponents turn you have to defend which requires you to guard or even counter attack. Problem is this combat does not take to much strategy its pretty much all about timing your moves right, but nonetheless i enjoyed the combat. Its what kept me playing.

Fun Factor: The Game was pretty fun while it lasted ( and if your counting thats about 25 hours), but it has little to no replay value, and the only thing that kept the gameplay fresh to me was the combat (which was pretty good actually)

In conclusion its a typical JRPG with a few tweaks to the combat and a terrible story. JRPG Fans check this one out. Everyone else don't bother.

Graphics: 8

Sound: 8.5

Gameplay: 6.5

Fun Factor: 7

Final Score: 7.5

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