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Etrian Odyssey IV Review 0

I started the Spark Guild on May 4. I created a party consisting a Landsknecht, Fortress, Medic, Runemaster, and Dancer. My adventure started at the Old Forest Mine, where the guild’s first order of business was to mine Iridescent Ore. A fellow explorer named Whirlwind provided me with a rough map of the cave and the location of where I can mine the ore. I carefully mapped out the cave, battled monsters, avoided the Nomad Baboons, mined the ore, and returned back to Tharsis to report a successfu...

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Etrian Odyssey IV is one of the most rewarding titles you can play on the 3DS 0

Atlus’ Etrian Odyssey franchise hasn’t exactly had presence in the UK. The British Isles were lucky enough to get the first entry back in 2008, thanks to Nintendo helping with publishing the title on the DS, but the series has since been forgotten until now. Thanks to Nippon Ichi Software USA and their extremely promising Atlus partnership, we in the UK can now experience the fourth – and first for the 3DS platform – entry in the increasing popular old-school, Japanese RPG series that harks back...

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Unique, deep RPG combat with a flat story and world 0

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan tells a very simple story: you take control of a new group of explorers tasked with reaching the mythical Yggdrassil tree that towers in the distance. You meet a variety of characters to aid you in your quest, both in town at the various shops and guilds and out in the unexplored lands, who are often just a little too undeveloped to be interesting. Your missions come from the Count of Tharsis, the town where your journey begins, and slowly bring you throug...

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