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    A shame that it's quickly being put out like this (quiet digital only release), but it made it's way over here. I'll take a stab at it for $20, game looks nice and sounds pretty interesting.

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    Finally I was able to make it out to one of these. Thanks for all of the matches, had a ton of fun! (Don't know how the hell I got third this week.) I do my best to attend another weekly sometime.

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    The Longest Grind 05 - Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

    PrefaceI was going through a streak of completing a bunch of games in the past couple of months, mostly from the rush to complete 2014 released games to evaluate for my Game of the Year 2014 List, and...

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    @chuugoku: Thanks for the video. I went through the entire story mode not knowing what was going on, so this should help a little bit.I have the PS3 version. PSN: RuriKidA if anyone's interested.

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    I played through Valiant Hearts in one long session from New Years Eve to New Years Day, really liked the game.I just finished through the story mode of Puyo Puyo Tetris. The AI gets pretty ridiculous...

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    Hey Mike, hope you had a relaxing vacation. I just wanted to comment and really enjoyed the format you employed for your GOTY 2014 list. Your list along with another list which did away with a "Top 10...

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    Quarter 4 2014 Notes

    Nothing Noteworthy – Just WorkWhile nothing significantly terrible happened to me and my family over the year, we did not do anything noteworthy to really mention as a highlight of the year. My parent...

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    Great Job to TFP/John/Mace for Extra Life! Thanks to duders who thumbed up my FG list.
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    I recently finished Etrian Odyssey Untold and now debating the next JRPG to tackle. Debating between the following: Rune Factory 4, Soul Hackers, Sorcery Saga, Tactics Orge: LUCT.