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Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, known as Everybody's Golf 5 in Japan, was developed by Clap Hanz and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The franchise is extremely popular in Japan and Out of Bounds was released as the 10 year anniversary of the series. The game was released on March 18, 2008, almost a full year after its release in Japan.

Playable Game Modes


Challenge: Challenge mode pits the player playing in tournaments that either have specific rules enforced or have prizes by finishing first. Many special clubs and characters are unlocked from this mode.

Stroke: A single round of nine or eighteen holes of golf is played. At the end of each round, the character's loyalty level increases based upon the score of the round of golf played.

Training: Allows the player to practice a particular shot anywhere on a hole in a course with the option to change the weather to their liking.

Local Multiplayer (2 to 4 Players)

Stroke: A single round of stroke competition up to four players is played. The golfer with the lowest score wins.

Match: In Match Play, the golfer who wins the most holes wins the round. For a golfer to win a hole, they must have the lowest score on the hole played.

Online Multiplayer

Players can enter into a tournament from a listed schedule once they enter into a lobby. Each tournament has certain rules and restrictions enforced such as playing as a specific character, or landing on a sand trap results in a two stroke penalty. The player can reserve a slot for a tournament in advance and will be entered once the time of the event hits.

Once in the tournament, the player has to finish every hole within a certain time limit or else they will be "timed out" and returned back to the online lobby. If a player finishes a hole early, they proceed over to the standings screen where they can converse with other online golfers before the time expires and all golfers proceed to the next hole. The tournament ends with all holes played and the player will receive experience points based on their performance.


Shot Method

Fernando hits a nice shot using the advanced swing method.

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds provides three shot methods to play.

Advanced: The advanced shot method is the new shot method introduced in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds as a new variant of the three-button swing mechanic.

The first button initiates the swing by starting the golfer's backswing animation. The player determines the power of the swing with the second button, by hitting the swing button at their desired point during the backswing. The farther back the button is pressed during the backswing, more power is put into the shot. The final button determines the control of the shot. The player hits the button as the white circle enters into the impact circle. The closer the white circle is inside the impact circle, the shot will be more accurate to where the player wants to aim the ball toward.

Traditional: The traditional shot method continues to power-gauge, three-button method used from previous installments.

The first button initiates the gauge by displaying a moving white dash starting from the right side of the gauge. The second button determines the power of the shot when the player hits the shot button as the moving white dash makes it way toward the left side of the gauge. The farther left the dash is marked on the gauge, the harder the shot. The third button determines the accuracy of the shot when the player hits the shot button as the white dash returns back to the right side of the gauge. The closer the dash is marked from the starting point of the gauge, the shot will be more accurate.

Active Golf (Move Support): In 2012, Clap Handz updated Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds by introducing a new mode called Active Golf, which utilizes the Playstation Move controller. Players now perform the golf swing using the move controller instead of using the three-button method from the other two methods.

Special Shots

Perfect Impact: If the player stops the moving dash on the white line on the right end of the power gauge, or if they hit the shot button where the white circle collapses into a dot in the center of the impact circle, a perfect impact is earned. A musical note will pop up if the player has successfully performed a perfect impact. A perfect impact shot will have the ball land near where the player desired the ball to land at.

Adjusted Shot: After the player has set his power during the second portion of the swing, the player can adjust the power slightly higher or lower by pressing either the triangle or circle button on the final portion of the swing to make the power adjustment.

Power Shot: Increases the power (distance) of the shot. There is a limit amount of power shots the player can use while in play on course.

Fernando hits a full power shot off the tee.

Full Power Shot: Considerably increases the golfer's power in exchange of their control of the shot. Limited for use with the 1W club only.

Curving Shot: Creates an extreme bending left-to-right or right-to-left ball flight. This shot is used when a ball in its normal shot would be impeded by an obstacle direct in its path.

Topspin: A shot where the ball continues to roll forward once it lands on a surface.

Backspin: A shot where the ball rolls backward once it lands on a surface.

Rising Shot: A special shot where a topspin ball hits the flagpole, the ball rolls upward along the flagpole, flies off the flagpole, then lands in the vicinity of the hole.

Homing Shot: A special shot where a backspin ball hits the flagpole, the ball automatically homes in toward the hole. Sometimes, multiple homing attempts toward the ball occur. Not all homing shots results in the ball falling into the hole.

Golf Clubs and Balls

Selection screen for shot method, golf club and golf ball.

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds has a selection of special golf clubs and balls that changes a golfer's characteristics depending on what combination of clubs and balls are selected.


  • Standard: The golfer's characteristics remain as they are.
  • Everybody's: This club automatically takes care of the last step of the golf swing for the player, giving the player an automatic "perfect impact." However, using this club considerably diminishes the golfer's power.
  • Beginner's: Increases the golfer's impact zone to allow players an increased area to hit an accurate golf shot in turn for the golfer's power.
  • Big Air: Increases the golfer's power in turn of their impact zone.
  • Pin Hole: Increases the golfer's control in turn of their impact zone.
  • Turbo Spin: Increases the golfer's spins in turn of their impact zone.
  • Infinity: Slightly increases the golfer's power, control and spin characteristics in turn of their impact zone.
  • Big Magnum: Considerably increases the golfer's power at the expense of their control and impact zone.


  • Standard: The golfer's characteristics remain as they are.
  • Straight: This ball makes all golfers swing a straight shot (in turn of a draw or a fade), some power is sacrificed.
  • Beginner's: Increases the golfer's impact zone in turn of their power.
  • Big Air: Increases the golfer's power in turn of their control.
  • Pin Hole: Increases the golfer's control in turn of their sidespin.
  • Infinity: Slightly increases the golfer's power, control and spin in turn of their sidespin.
  • Sidespin: Considerably increases the golfer's sidespin at the expense of their control.
  • Sand Viper: Increases the golfer's ability to hit a more powerful and accurate shot out of sandy surfaces. The golfer's characteristics remain the same.
  • Grass Cutter: Increases the golfer's ability to hit a more powerful and accurate shot out of rough surfaces.


Players accumulate loyalty for the character after every event completed. Bonus perks are awarded when the character's loyalty level fills up. Some perks awarded after completion of a loyalty level are additional costumes, increased number of power shots, and increased hole in ability from homing shots.


Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds has a total of fifteen golfers of various difficulty levels available to play. Players can unlock all characters by defeating them in one-on-one match play rules in challenge mode. Each golfer is rated by a letter grade in five golfing characteristics: power, control, impact, spin, and sidespin, where S is the highest letter grade and E is the lowest.

Beginner Level Golfers

Beginner level golfers have a high impact zone that allows players a great shot if they hit the final shot button far away from the center impact zone and remain high (though lowered a bit) when special clubs and balls are selected. However, beginner golfers have very low power compared to their intermediate and expert golfers.

Jasmine: She picked up the game after watching her father practice on the range and now golfs everyday to eventually beat her father's score.

Nick: Gained love for the game after watching a televised golf battle. Hopes to play against his golf hero Shigeki Maruyama.

Sophie: Became interested in golf at a young age as her family owns a golf course inside the family estate.

Bjorn: A shy but enthusiastic golfer who always strives to improve his game even if his game isn't going well.

Suzuki: Chairman of the Hot Shots Golf Association. Loves to use jokes from TV sitcoms.

Intermediate Level Golfers

Intermediate level golfers have much higher power than the beginner golfers, but their impact zones are lower. Their lower impact zones requires the player to land their final shot button much closer toward the center impact zone. All intermediate golfers have well-rounded stats.

Sasha: A famous action film star who has committed more time in perfecting her golf game.

Felipe: Son of a Hollywood actor and frequents golf courses during his travels around the world.

Sonia: A world famous dancer who has turned her attention to golf.

Bloom: A Brazilian street performer who worked at a local golf course to make ends meat. He befriended Sonia one day at the golf course and learned the game from her.

Fernando: A top corporate worker with a high passion for golf.

Expert Level Golfers

Expert level golfers have the lowest impact zones, requiring players to land very close or even land directly in the center impact zone to get off a great shot. In turn for their low impact, expert golfers have significant power and have high grades in one or two other stats.

L.J.: A talented baseball and football player takes up golf as his new sport to master.

Kate: A mysterious woman with no known information about her past.

Dino: A former top-pro golfer who has given his golf winnings toward environmental causes.

Anya: A major financial figure and wife of an oil tycoon. She learned and improved her golf game by recruiting numerous golf coaches.

Shigeki Maruyama: A world-famous pro golfer who has an easy-going demeanor, but turns into an intense competitor during golf competition.


The caddies in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds provide some vocal assistance during the course of play. On the green, they will tell the player what direction the ball will go and if the ball is going up or down a slope. On the fairway, they warn players on certain club shots taken on the rough of hitting "flyers", where the ball will go farther than the intended length desired. Caddies can also indicate whether the shot looks like it's going to land close to the hole on the green, or heading out of bounds by yelling "FORE" after the shot is taken.

All seven caddies available to select from the start of the game.

Hannah: An energetic caddie who worries for others over herself.

Bonnie: A caddie with a heartwarming personality who provides support for her golfers with enthusiasm and soothing voice.

Trent: A caddie who is enamored with the mental aspects of golf.

Rina: A Hot Shots caddie favorite who has an intense hatred of insects.

Eva: A tall, athletic, blunt-spoken but cheerful woman who was a former pro golfer before turning to work as a caddie.

Clark: A 30-year golf caddie who's a bit theatrical in his mannerisms.

Maru-Chan: A former pro golfer with tons of golfing experience developed in the years on the pro tour takes his turn as a golf caddie.

Golf Courses

There are six golf courses available to play in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. Each course can be played in nine or eighteen holes and from the front or back tees.

Highland C.C.: A course for beginners to start sharpening their skills on with wide fairways and greens and few traps.

Euro Classic C.C.

Okinawa Golf Resort: A golf course on a seaside resort. Strong sea breezes affects the golf ball's flight.

Euro Classic G.C.: A golf course which features castles and rivers.

Great Safari C.C.: A golf course set in a desert where many wild animals roam about.

Silver Peaks G.C.: A golf course set in a valley of a mountain range. Strong winds, weather, and cliffs provide some of the challenges the golfer's face here.

The Crown Links: A challenging golf course with narrow and bending fairways, small greens, elevations, numerous traps, and strong winds.

Downloadable Content

Playable Golfers

Golf Courses

  • Oceania Resort Course
  • Golfasaurus Rex B.C.C. Course

Complete Edition (PSN Only)

A complete edition of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds released on PSN in April 2012 for $24.99. The complete edition includes all the downloadable content with the main game.

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