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The Last Blade 2 is a 2D fighting game developed by SNK Playmore and is the direct sequel to The Last Blade. It was released in Japanese arcades and for the Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD in 1998, a year after the first game's release. The game was later released on the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and Wii via Wii Shop.

The Last Blade 2's story events take place a year after the events from The Last Blade, and has more of a darker atmospheric tone with its story and characters. It introduces three new characters, various new game mechanics, and a new "EX" mode.




The Last Blade 2 uses an eight-way directional for players to move the character forward, back, crouch, jump, dash, and guard.


There are four attack buttons that commands the character to perform a certain action.

A - Weak Slash

B - Strong Slash

C - Kick

D - Repel


The Last Blade 2 has three different style modes that provide different gameplay properties in battle.

Power Mode

  • Deals the most damage for all attacks.
  • Normal attacks deal chip damage.
  • Desperation Cancel - Canceling a special move into a desperation move.

Speed Mode

  • Able to chain normal attacks, as well as cancel normal attacks into special moves.
  • Deals less damage, so utilizing combos is essential to deal damage in this mode.
  • Unable to use Power Mode's Desperation Cancel.

EX (Extreme) Mode

  • Deals more attack damage than speed mode, but less than power.
  • The character takes the most damage from opponent attacks in this mode.
  • Gains the least amount of super meter than the other two modes.
  • Able to chain normal attacks and desperation cancel.

Universal Techniques

Dash - Forward, Forward

Backdash - Back, Back

Super Jump - Quickly tapping up, up-forward, or up-back twice.

High Dash Attack - A or B after performing a Dash.

Low Dash Attack - Down-Forward + A or B after performing a Dash.

Dash Jump - Up-Forward after performing a Dash.

Low Dash Jump - "Tapping" Up-Forward after the dash.

Throw - C + D

Recovery - D while the character is in a "blow-back" state.

Pounce Attack - Down-Forward + B or C while the opponent is lying on the ground.

Guard Cancel - Back, Back-Down, Down + D while in "block stun." The character will cancel his or her guard while under attack to knock back the attacking opponent. A minimum of 50% super meter is required to access the guard cancel. Use of the guard cancel will drain the fighter's entire super meter.

Desperation - The character's super move. They can be use once the character's super meter is 100% filled, or once their vitality gauge flashes.

Mode-Specific Techniques

Power Mode

Unblockable - B + C; The character will perform an attack that will break through an opponent's guard.

Super Desperation - The character's second super move. It can only be used if the character has 100% super meter and their vitality gauge is flashing.

Speed Mode

Overhead - B + C; The character will perform an overhead attack that must be blocked high to guard it. The opponent will suddenly be sent in the air if they are hit with the overhead attack.

Combo Special - Initiated by inputting Down, Down + A or B with full super meter, followed by a series of button inputs. A common Combo Special flowchart in The Last Blade 2 goes as follows... Down, Down + A or B > A > B > C > A > B > C > A > B > Down, Down-Forward, Forward + C.

EX Mode

EX Mode players have access to Power Mode's Super Desperation and Speed Mode's Overhead and Combo Special specific techniques.


"Awakened" Kaede

Moriya Minakata



Akari Ichijou

Juzoh Kanzaki


Hibiki Takane

Keiichiro Washizuka

Kojiroh Sanada

Okina Genbu


Lee Rekka


Shinnosuke Kagami


Musashi Akatsuki (additional character added onto the home console versions of the game)

Kouryu (final boss; hidden playable character)

Hagure Hitogata (hidden playable character)

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