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Sengoku Basara X was originally an acrade game which only had 10 characters for players to select.
In the PS2 version, the game added 2 additional cha racters which were non-playable in the acrade version.

The following modes were added in the PS2 version
  • V.S Mode (fight against CPU or 2P)
  • Training Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Gallery Mode


1. Masamune Date

    Name in the Devil Kings franchise: Azure Drago
    Weapon: 2 swords (mainly)
                     6 swords ( in some special moves)
   Element Type: Lighting

 2. Oda Nobunaga

     Name in the Devil Kings franchise: Devil King
     Weapon: sword and a shotgun
     Element Type: Darkness
Oda Nobunaga (Devil King)

3. Motochika Chosokabe

    Name in the Devil Kings franchise: Arslan
    Element Type: Fire
Motochika Chosokabe (Arslan)

4. Sandada Yukimura

    Name in the Devil Kings franchise: Scorpio
     Weapon: 2 spears
    Element Type: Fire
Sandada Yukimura (Scorpio)

5. Honda Tadakatsu

     Name in the Devil Kings franchise: Iron Ox
     Weapon: huge drill-spear
     Element Type: Lighting
Honda Tadakatsu (Iron Ox)

6. Mori Motonari

     Name in the Devil Kings franchise: Kahz
     Weapon: ringblade
     Element Type: Light
Mori Motonari (Kahz)

7. Maeda Keiji

     Weapon: nodachi
     Element Type: Wind
Maeda Keiji

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