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After a long (and confusing) hiatus, the King of Fighters returns to form. The tag team mechanic that debut in The King of Fighters 2003 expands even further in this installment, with new techniques such as Quick Shift and Saving Shift, other techniques are introduced - Skill Gauge and Dream Cancel. The story of the game continues the second Orochi saga with a new boss - Mukai - trying to obtain the powers of Orochi.


"In the last King of Fighters tournament, Mukai had succeeded in releasing the power of Orochi. At the same time, Ash managed to steal the power of the Yata mirror from Chizuru Kagura the sponsor of the competiton who had been injured in the fighting. The competition ended in chaos and disorder."

"Time has passed since then and a new KOF competiton is about to begin."

"One by one the participants are chosen, including some new faces. Eiji Kisaragi would be returning to the competition, while people like Oswald, Bonne Jenet, Duck King, Momoko, and Elizabeth Blanctorche would be competing for the first time. What bring these people to the biggest fighting contest in the world, surrounded as it is with mystery and fear? This year should be even more exciting than usual."

"Many conflicting motives exist just under the surface of the KOF tournament. What is the organization known as"Those From The Past" planning? What will haooen to the power of Orochi that Mukai set free? Without Chizuru, will the remaining two members of the Three Sacred Treasure s be able to cooperate as an effective team? And what is Ash Crisom's true goal?"

"The curtain is about to rise on a new battle..."


Dream cancel, baby!
The game uses a total of five buttons - light punch, strong punch, light kick, strong kick, thrust attack (Which was formerly done by pressing strong punch and strong kick in previous King of Fighters games). Other features are introduce such as "Tactical Shifting,' a mechanic that provides several ways for a character to tag out in a middle of a match. And a new meter is feature that is known as the "Skill Meter.'

The new feature in the game is the skill meter. The skill meter builds up when the player attack, each time when the player gains enough points, the player has access to perform one of the following actions.
  • Quick Shift: 1 point
  • Saving Shift: 2 point
  • Guard Cancel Shift: 2 point
  • Normal Move Cancel Emergency Evasion: 1 point
  • Super Cancel: 1 point
  • Dream Cancel:  1 point

Quick Shift

Quick shift allows the player to cancel a move or a special move to the player's team mate. When the player performs a combo, the character can tag out in the middle.

Saving Shift

When the player's character gets knock down, it makes the player eligible to have his or her character to tag out to the other character.

Guard Cancel Shift

While blocking  the opponent's attacks, the character can tag out to another character.

Normal Move Cancel Emergency Evasion

Similar to the guard cancel, but when perform, the character will do a emergency evasion (A roll).

Super Cancel

As seen in games like Street Fighter III, super cancel is perform when the player does a special move and then does a super move right after that.

Dream Cancel

A extra version of the super cancel, the dream cancel is the super special leader move that is assigned to a character that the player chooses. It occurs when the player performs a super move, then perform the super special leader move in the middle of the super move.


Hero Team


Fatal Fury Team


Rival Team


Ikari Warriors Team


Agent Team


Anti-Kyokugenryu Team


Kyo and Iori Team


Art of Fighting Team


Garou: Mark of the Wolves Team


Psycho Soldier Team



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