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The last King of Fighters for the Neo-Geo gaming console, introduced the children of Rugal Bernstein's storyline, with a new main character named Ash Crimson. Unlike previous main characters in the series, Ash Crimson plays an anti-hero whose only out for himself. The game has different endings depending on how well you do before reaching the final boss. This has become a common theme in the series since King of Fighters 97. Rushing to finish the game will get you nothing but ending credits. However, if you meet the conditions, then you'll see the real conclusion for each team in the game. Unfortunately, SNK's tradition for making nearly impossible to beat final bosses, is also alive and well in this game


Hero Team

Fatal Fury Team

Art of Fighting Team

Korea Team

Ikari Warriors Team

Outlaw Team

Women Fighters Team

Benimaru Team

High School Girls Team

K' Team

Three Sacred Treasures Team


Unlocking the Fake and Real game endings

To reach the fake final boss, finish possessed Kusanagi (Mid-boss) with a normal move. This results in the game suddenly ending with rolling credits, after beating the fake final boss.

To reach the real final boss and see the real endings, finish possessed Kusanagi (Mid-boss) with a special finishing move. This will take you to the real climax, followed by the ending for each team, should you defeat the final boss.

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