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Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is a 2D tag-team fighting game developed and released by Capcom for the arcades (under the CPS-2 engine) on January 23, 1998. The third installment of the Marvel vs. Capcom crossover series (and sequel to Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter), the game adds fighters from various Capcom games (unlike the previous games, which were strictly from Street Fighter Alpha 2) to fight alongside Marvel's superheroes. The installment also adds the concept of "partners" (special assist characters taking the place of the backup character in "assist attacks") and "Duo Team Attack" (a timed event in which the backup character jumps in and both characters are controlled simultaneously, having unlimited use of Super Moves).

The game was ported to the Dreamcast on September 30, 1999, adding a new game mode (called Cross Fever), which allows four-player simultaneous gameplay. It was later ported to the PlayStation on January 31, 2000, removing the tag-team mechanics for normal gameplay (restricting it to traditional 1v1 round-based fights, in which "assist attacks" can be performed by either partner characters or secondary characters), while re-adding the Crossover mode from previous ports (in which the tag-team mechanic is brought back, but each player's secondary character is the opposing player's primary character).


Ryu unleashing his super

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes was distinguishable from the rest in the series due to the ability to call upon the help from "assist" characters, as well as the ability to perform a special attack where both of the characters would be in the field at the same time. The game plays quicker than other 2D fighting games at the time. Play focuses heavily on quick reactions, smart team management, and both solo and team super moves.

In addition, this game introduced the Duo Team Attack. In the Duo Team Attack, both characters on the team could be controlled simultaneously and had an unlimited use of super moves during the time. In the PlayStation version, the Duo Team Attack worked where the assist character could be summoned repeatedly during this time. The game starts off and the player gets to choose two characters. Then, the fighting starts, with randomly selected pairs of other characters gradually increasing in difficulty until the final boss, Onslaught.




Spider-Man, one of the key characters in Marvel's assortment of fighters

Special Partners



Ryu, one of the key characters in Capcom's assortment of fighters

Special Partners

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