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After a series of terrorist attacks on Russian soil by Estonian terrorist group "Frontline", Russia launches an retaliatory attack on the Baltic states, followed by an invasion of most of Eastern Europe. NATO and EU reinforce the troops in Western Europe, but leave Iceland largely undefended, and it turns out Iceland is Russia's next target. The player assumes control of a group of six fighter pilots (selected from a pool of 10 pilots, each with different abilities - "Expertise", "Health", "Survival skills" and "Personality") of the Iceland Airforce, ICEFOR and a wing of their newly acquired Eurofighters. Outnumbered against the Russian invasion force, and with the entirety of Iceland as the battleground (fully modeled in real-time, with naval, air and ground battles playing out all over the country), your group of pilots have to strike back at the overwhelming enemy force.

The game has a full day/night cycle, FMV news reports and all your pilots have their own schedules whether you're playing as them or not - multiple pilots can be assigned missions at once, while on the ground they may sleep, hang out in the bar or attend mission briefings. The pilot's health and survival skills will affect their chances of surviving when ejecting from the aircraft, as they will have to wait on the rescue teams to arrive (in real-time), or having to endure interrogations as Russian captives.

Reception was mixed, though generally favorable, the pilot management and real-time dynamic campaign was praised as the most impressive and detailed simulation at the time, but the simple aircraft controls were criticized for the lack of customizability and the distinct lack of rudder controls, making lining up bombing runs and landings unnecessarily difficult.

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