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 European Air War is a combat flight simulator game that takes place set in World War II during the Battle of Britain in 1940 and the European Theater from 1943 to 1945.  The game gives the player the choice of either flying for the Americans (USAAF), the British (RAF), or the Germans (Luftwaffe).



 European Air War includes 20 flyable aircraft(20 differing models of 11 aircraft), as well as 10 non-flyable aircraft(10 models of 9 aircraft) that the player will come in contact with throughout the campaign.


  • Hawker Hurricane I
  • Supermarine Spitfire
  1. IA
  2. IXc
  3. XIVE
  • Hawker Typhoon
  • Hawker Tempest
  • De Havilland Mosquito


  • P-38 Lightning
  1. P-38H
  2. p-38J
  • P-47 Thunderbolt
  1. P-47C
  2. P-47D
  • P-51 Mustang
  1. P-51B
  2. P-51D
  • B-17 Flying Fortress
  • B-24 Liberator
  • B-26 Marauder


  • Messerschmitt Bf 109
  1.  Bf109E
  2.  Bf109G-6 
  3.  Bf109K-4
  • Messerschmitt Bf 110
  1.  Bf110C 
  2.  Bf110G
  •  Focke-Wulf Fw 190
  1.  Fw190A-8 
  2.  Fw190D-9
  •  Messerschmitt 262
  •  Heinkel He 111
  •  Junkers Ju 88
  1.  Ju-88A
  2.  Ju-88C
  •  Junkers Ju 87B
  •  V-1 Flying Bomb
  •  Messerschmitt 410


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