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An anime-themed fantasy/sci-fi futuristic/magic wielding mishmash, Evil Zone is a 3D fighting game with unusual mechanics. Combat consists of one button; almost all other actions, movements, grapples, throws, and projectile attacks are focused almost exclusively around the directional pad used in concert with said attack button.


Ihadulca is a powerful being that can exist in multiple dimensions at once. This dimension witch has temporarily been confined to the "Evil Zone" dimension by the inhabitants of I-Praseru (Happy Island). A multi-dimensional tournament has been held to find the toughest fighter across dimensions, one who can hopefully keep Ihadulca imprisoned in the Evil Zone before she escapes.


The story mode for some fighters is told through narrative and static screenshots, which would now be considered archaic but at the time was progressive and gave the game a manga/comic feel. Other characters have in-engine cutscenes for the more dynamic and action packed moments.

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