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Information about Evolve is scant, but according to legal documents and reports, it will be "a co-op multiplayer action game", specifically an FPS. Turtle Rock, the developer, is most well-known for the original co-op FPS Left 4 Dead. On January 7th of 2014, Evolve was announced to be the next cover story for Game Informer's February 2014 edition.

During development, the planned publisher for Evolve was THQ, who according to Chapter 11 filings was estimating sales of 4 million units, at or around $30 (this may include projected DLC sales), through its 2014 fiscal year (April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014), putting the planned release date somewhere in that range. In a May 2011 news story on Giant Bomb, 2013 was the release year given.

Evolve is using CryEngine 3.

What is known of the game-play so far is that it consists of five players. Four players control the "Hunters," a crew of alien hunting combatants, while one player controls "Goliath," a mutating monster which grows stronger as matches progress. Each hunter features its own unique set of items and abilities while the monster has its own blend of anti-hunter capabilities. Goliath is outnumbered, but his strength makes him very tough to take down. The goal for the hunters is to work together against Goliath, while Goliath's goal is to kill all the hunters or otherwise survive.

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