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Game play

There are two events you can play in Extreme Bullrider, there is bull riding and bull fighting. In bull riding you can choose from eight different bulls and to ride the bull you move your mouse to the right or left balancing on the bull. In bull fighting you run from a bull while picking up various items and avoiding piles of dung.


  • Rick Shaw - This former bull rider knows the business from both ends.
  • Chuck Ellz - Widely known for his clever antics.
  • Lori Lux - The quickest clown in the bunch, shes gone in a flash.
  • Buster Jones - Agility gets him out of some tough spots.
  • Bret Stetson - Cute as a button, but bulls know he is as pesky as a deer fly.
  • Rob Wild - A daring young man, he is a crowd favorite.
  • Al Pistola - He's not the fastest clown around, but speed isn't everything.
  • Tom Feller - He isn't afraid of anything, and the bulls know it.
  • Shane Rio - A former marketing executive, gave it up for rodeo.
  • Reno Sparks - This clown has speed on his side, he's fast!


  •  Butler, New Mexico
  • Sweetwater, California
  • Pecos, Wyoming
  • Mesquite, Texas
  • Eldorado, Oklahoma
  • Junction, Montana

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