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F-Zero GX is a fast, creative, and innovative way to race.

I think that this game has done well in performance. It has beautiful landscapes and graphics; however, the vehicles could look a little better than what they do. The music is just right for a futuristic racing game and it nicely suits every course. The layout of each course is uniquely, intelligently, and well put together and designed. The ability to make your own vehicle is a good addition to the F-Zero formula. The characters have their own unique personality and respond in different ways when they win a race. There are a few things that could have been done to improve the game a little more. The racer profiles are unnecessary and if it has to be in the game, have it on the character select screen and narrow it down into a few short sentences. The missions can be ridiculous at times and it can be hard for some people to actually pick this game up and race. Younger gamers would probably not like this game because it might be harder for them to play than those who are used to fastness in a game. As you increase the difficulty, it can be frustrating and nearly impossible for some people to beat, which may turn a few people away. Since it's a Gamecube game, I will not criticize it for not allowing online play. Despite of the minor insignificances in F-Zero GX, it deserves a well earned score of 4/5 because it's a fast, creative, and innovative way to race. Since Gamecube games are cheap these days, it would not be a problem recommending this game to a person who likes to race really fast. It is definitely worth your money, and it's better than its predecessors.

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