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F1 ROC II: Race of Champions is the sequel to F1 ROC: Race of Champions, and is known as Exhaust Heat II: Driver no Kiseki in Japan. It's notable for including a mode where the player can spend their reward money on upgrading parts of their car. Though it uses the Formula One name in its title, the game takes place in the near future where Formula One and NASCAR have merged to form a superlative racing circuit.

Unlike F1 ROC, this racing game sequel was not released in Europe.


The game takes a leaf out of F-Zero's book by presenting each race as a sprawling Mode 7 track that the player must manipulate an otherwise static car sprite around. Most courses require a solo time trial practice run that decides the player's placement in the grid for the actual race. The better the player's placement, the more prize money they win, and this is spent on improving aspects of the car in the game's R&D mode.

As the player achieves better race results, they move from the initial Group C division to Formula 3000 and, eventually, Formula One.

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