Fable II Episode 1

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I was browsing the marketplace when i saw Fable II Episode 1. At first i thought i was some sort of add-on, but now i know its the first part (of five) of the game. I haven't played Fable II and since this first episode is for free, i'll probably download it and give it a go... I was just wondering if any else picked this up? And do achievements work if its broken up in 5 episodes?
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I think it's a pretty good way to distrubute the game, but you're able to buy the full retail copy for much cheaper.  Peter Molyneux has said he doesn't like demo's, so this is basically his alternative, it lets you play around with the first few parts of the game with no restrictions, and if you're hesitant about buying the game, I'd definitely recommend checking it out first.
Achievements will work, but only when you buy the other parts, they're disabled from this one because it's free.

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Speaking of this I bought episode 2 does anyone know when they will force me to buy 3, because i've done alot in 2.
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As far as i know Lionhead hasn't announced any dates for the other episodes... I think if they want people to buy the episodes they better announce something soon!

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