holabendez's Fable II (Xbox 360) review

Still doesn't live up to the hype

Ah Fable, the game that promises too much, and can never deliver on such grand claims. The first Fable just seemed like it was incomplete, it fell so short of the game that was promised, but it had a charm about it and you could see the potential was there.

Enter Fable 2 and while this game is clearly a more polished, finished product, its inability to truly be the game that it sets out to be illustrates the fact that its ambitions are perhaps too great.

I sunk a lot of hours into this game, and I got a lot of good gameplay out of it, but I couldn’t help but feel a little bit let down by it. It’s a little unfair perhaps – I did enjoy playing it, but I’m left feeling, just like the first Fable that it could’ve been so much more. I’m a little torn as to how I should rate it, a very good game, but disappointing at the same time.

Four stars, but I liked the original better because it was fresh and I felt that I could forgive it for its over ambitious concept, this time, less so.

With regards to DLC, Knothole Island has some decent few hours of gameplay - See The Future I burned through in a couple of hours, and it didn't really feel like it was worth the money. Good for some easy points and different dog breeds. 

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